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There’s no room for bad judges in Florida

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

The judicial election processes in Florida needs fixing. The current system doesn’t produce the most qualified judges, just those with the most financial support or friends in politics.

The Miami Herald offers a good viewpoint on the problem in a recent editorial headlined, “A Disorderly Court: Appointed judges bring more integrity to the bench.” It reads in part:

The latest travails of Miami-Dade County Court Judge Ana Maria Pando should kick-start a statewide conversation about elected vs. appointed judges. That likely won’t happen. But it should.

Studies have shown that appointed judges are far less likely to engage in or face allegations of corruption or ethical violations, boding well for judicial integrity.

Integrity is key to public trust in our judicial system. The public must demand that state government reform the judicial system to put the best people on the bench.

Appointed judges bring more integrity to the bench

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