UAIC supports Florida CFO Atwater in crackdown on PIP fraud

Florida’s new chief financial officer has the support of United Auto Insurance Company in his efforts to punish those who commit Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fraud.

A tough approach is desperately needed, as evidenced by the arrest in early January of five people in Miami-Dade County and one in Naples on state charges that they billed insurance companies $170,000 for medical treatment claimed to be related to auto accidents but was never performed.

“PIP fraud perpetrators may find the crime easy to commit, but I am putting the word out that they will do hard time if convicted,” Florida chief financial officer Jeff Atwater said in a statement.

Mr. Atwater is sending the right message and UAIC supports him. The company stands ready to help his investigators put the bad guys behind bars.

Florida’s Department of Insurance Fraud charged that the six people faked car accidents, recruited people to stage wrecks or filed false claims with insurance companies using drivers’ PIP policies.

The amount of PIP fraud in Florida is mind-boggling. It’s also expensive for Florida drivers because they pay higher premiums as a result. We welcome efforts to fix this huge financial and legal problem in the state.

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